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What were the best albums of 2013?

We’re coming up to the end of the year, which means there’s currently a deluge of ‘best of’ lists hitting us from all angles online. I don’t like to dwell too much on picking out the ‘best’ when it comes to albums as to pick one excellent album out as ‘better’ than another seems a […]

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How cool are these wooden headphones?

When you’re looking for your next pair of headphones, I’m pretty sure a wooden pair won’t be top of your agenda. But what if they looked as cool as the above pair? They were made by Grado Headphones in association with Irish Whiskey brand Bushmills – and are of course made from whiskey barrel wood! […]

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How TV technology has changed

The worlds of television and music have always been intricately intertwined. From classic shows like The Old Grey Whistle Test through to the rise of MTV and the current ubiquity of X Factor et al, TV has been one of the premier mediums for the consumption of music.

When viewed in that context, the developments in TV technology over the years has become fascinating to music fans – with new internet-connected TV’s now providing an extra layer of engagement for music fans while watching their favourite music TV show.

These developments have been illustrated brilliantly by Sony, who are leading the way in the new era of TVs with their extensive new 4K TV range.

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Top 50 Christmas Songs – Part 2 (40-31)

It’s time to put your Santa hat back on, reach for the crackers and Mistletoe, and prepare to “Step Into Christmas” with Philip Lickley’s next ten super seasonal songs – keep your eyes peeled for Part 3 coming soon! See Part 1 here. 40. The Wombats – Is This Christmas? (2008) The Wombats aren’t known […]

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The UK’s Most Iconic Music Sites to Visit

Have you been to High Green in search of the birthplace of the Arctic Monkeys, Burnage to find Mrs. Gallagher or enjoyed a pilgrimage to Bromley to find the inspiration of Bowie? For some of us, the place is as important as the music. But how many of these iconic places have you actually travelled […]