Festival Camping

Festival Camping Essentials : Choosing a Tent

The festival season is kicking off now, so if you haven’t already done so; order your tickets, grab your mates and get planning! With this weekend marking the official start of summer and hopefully some cloud-free weather, we thought that we’d share some festival camping advice for those of you who haven’t quite got everything […]

BBC Playlister

What exactly is BBC Playlister?

It’s been a busy day for the BBC, with the new(ish) Director General Tony Hall looking to make his mark with a raft of new digital offerings. In amongst all the announcements was a curious sounding new product/service called BBC Playlister, which comes to us heralding ‘partnerships’ with the big boys of online streaming – […]

Most streamed songs of 2011 revealed…

Remember when iTunes and then music streaming started to get popular a few years ago, and everyone was saying how this ‘internet thing’ would totally dismantle the music industry and lead to lots of old classic songs and unknown artists hitting the charts? Well, for the first time ever, The Official Charts Company has revealed […]


Is Glastonbury sexist? (Infographic)

Now that the full line-up for this year’s Glastonbury Festival has been revealed, I thought it would make for an interesting study to work out exactly what it takes to be a Glastonbury headliner. I looked at all the Pyramid Stage headliners for the past 15 Glastonbury Festivals (which takes us all the way back […]

Are Child Prodigies Reshaping the Music Industry?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation claimed Kevin Chen as country’s superstar pianist earlier this year. This kid is just eight years old. Another kid named Ryan Wang is just five years old and he has already performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. A German pianist named Laetitia Hahn has been delighting German music fans since she was […]

Music and Fashion : Blurred Boundaries

As much as critics would like to say ‘the golden age’ of music was when artists sold their records purely on talent, this has never been so. Fashion has always played a prominant role in the industry and is one of the reasons why so many bands and artists are as popular as they are. […]


Music Industry’s Most Powerful Stars Under 21

There are tons of music stars out there who have millions of fans but can’t probably order a bear to celebrate their own achievements because they are still minor. Just as we wrote about Child Prodigies yesterday, today’s feature is also about young musicians who have hit the high note of fame before they turned […]

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The essential festival checklist

Were running a series of Festival Essentials in the run-up to festival season 2014. See the latest buying guides below: [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: the best pop-up tents for festivals[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: cool camping gear for festivals[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials: A guide to festivals abroad[/box] [box type=”info”] >>> Festival Essentials […]