New Music: the British IBM

Geeky rock stars is exactly what the music industry needs right now. Forget the posers in their skinny jeans and stupid hair-do’s. What we really need is rock stars who know how to reformat hard-drives and stuff. Kind of like The Big Bang Theory but with less lazy humour and more tunes.

New Cambridge band the British IBM (the small ‘t’ on ‘the’ seems to be non-negotiable) sound like they may be the ones to fill this geek-rock niche. Now before any clever-dicks bring up ‘math-rockers’ like Battles and Foals etc… consider this – the British IBM released their second single (below) to celebrate the anniversary of computer company Intel being founded. Now that’s real geekery!

Watch the video for their self-titled second single here (the song is awesome by the way!):

Despite the cerebral overtones of their name, the pure simplicity of the song is pretty disarming. the British IBM (the single) is out now, and can be downloaded from iTunes for the very reasonable price of £0.50p.

Here’s the British IBM’s first single ‘Animal’, which was released last month:

More info on the British IBM can be found at their very cool website:

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