Albums to start off your vinyl collection

The vinyl player is something that all music fans look on with lust. There is something serene and hugely pleasing about placing the needle on to the vinyl and hearing the odd crackle whilst your song plays. It is testament to the popularity of the vinyl player that despite us living in a world of Spotify and iPods this somewhat antiquated musical device is still relevant. If anything, the vinyl player is undergoing a resurgence in popularity.

For those who are planning on purchasing a vinyl player, below are some of the best to start your collection off. Vinyl’s are pretty pricey nowadays, long gone are the days of £1.30 albums. You are instead looking at paying closer to £16.50, so you don’t want to bestow yourself with rubbish.

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Any band’s second album is huge. It is the one that really makes or breaks you. Was the success of the first album just luck or is this group the real deal? Arcade Fire had to deal with this problem in 2007 with Neon Bible. Thankfully they proved that they were staying. The vinyl version of Neon Bible was released on two 180 gram records consisting of three sides of music. The fourth side was etched with the artwork of Neon Bible.

The Beatles – Revolver

If you are to own just one Beatles record then it has to be Revolver. It is the best by far. NME ranked it as the second best album of all time but that is just because they adore The Smiths. The boys from Liverpool spent 300 hours piecing this record together. It really is visionary but what would you expect from four of the most musically gifted people ever to grace planet earth?

Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde

Dylan very much falls into the same bracket as The Beatles. He is in the uppermost echelons of musical genius. Sitting back and listening to “Visions of Johanna”, “Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands”, “Just Like A Woman” and “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again” is just truly delightful.

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The jury is very much out on Kanye’s recent Glastonbury performance but you cannot deny that the rapper is supremely talented. There is no better way to get a true feel for West’s musical prowess than this 2010 album which received rave reviews. Some even called it the musical equivalent of a Picasso. Having the raucous noise of West blaring out of your vinyl player will certainly put you in the mood.

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Background music does not get much better than Miles Davis. And Miles Davis doesn’t sound much better than when his jazz is oozing out of the speakers of a vinyl player. You’ll know he is there but at the same time he won’t overshadow any conversation you may be having. Davis just goes with everything.

Van Morrison – Moondance

You could make a case that Van Morrison is hugely underrated. Anyone above the age of 30 will probably be able to appreciate him but those younger will know him as the guy who sings “Brown Eyed Girl”, a song he absolutely detests. Get Moondance on vinyl and discover the real Van Morrison. You will not be disappointed.

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer