Pixie Lott

Pop success, it’s all in the name

Who remembers David Sneddon? David won the BBC’s talent show Fame Academy, a pre-cursor to X-Factor, in 2002. His subsequent debut single went straight to number 1, and then he kind of vanished. So what happened? You might put it down to the possibility that perhaps he wasn’t that talented, or the show itself was […]


Albums to start off your vinyl collection

The vinyl player is something that all music fans look on with lust. There is something serene and hugely pleasing about placing the needle on to the vinyl and hearing the odd crackle whilst your song plays. It is testament to the popularity of the vinyl player that despite us living in a world of […]


Iggy Tells Her Fans Why She Ended Her Relationship With Nick Young

Iggy Azalea has been living a tough life as a rapper. There have been numerous bullying incidents in the last few months, especially after people started believing that she was destroying rap music. She made some racial comments, had a fight with a black rapper on Twitter, broke with her boyfriend Nick Young, and finally […]

Sticky Bonuses Explained

Sticky Bonuses Slot Feature Explained

Sticky bonuses are one of those slot features that are exclusive to modern online slots. Sticky bonuses would have been impossible to recreate on purely mechanical slots or even some video slots. If you want to find out more about the sticky bonus slot feature and other offers at Mega Reel, keep on reading. What […]

Nas – ‘Life Is Good’ – a quick review

Nas – Life Is Good Preorder: Life Is Good Nas seems to be everywhere at the minute. The cynics among us might put the aggressive marketing of his forthcoming album Life Is Good down to his need to pay those crippling alimony payments. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t really matter. What does matter is […]


My Glastonbury 2013 review…

Glastonbury is commonly regarded as the world’s biggest and best festival for lots of reasons, but the one reason that stands out for me is the freedom it offers festival-goers to enjoy the weekend however they choose to. Other festivals pack you into designated areas and have a limited amount of stages and options. At […]

Lagos, an Excellent Destination in the Algarve

What an incredible town in the Algarve! Lagos offers plenty to do for the many holidaymakers. Magnificent beaches, more than convincing nightlife and the charming historic center make Lagos an unmissable destination. And for the whole family. Lagos can also serve as a base for intrepid vacationers. Indeed, Lagos is a destination of choice for […]