All-Noise was founded in 2010 by Luke Glassford with just one simple aim – to highlight and celebrate ‘proper music’. For me, ‘proper music’ can come in any form and fit into any genre, as long as it is made by real people with real musical inspirations. Basically, anything with a bit of soul is good enough for me, and I generally treat throwaway pop and cynically marketed fluff with the ignorance it deserves!

Now you’ve entered my world of proper music, why not check it out? Follow these links and find the bands and artists I think are worth making a noise about:

There’s also a fully up-to-date online music store, which features all the music I think is worth listening to – follow this link to check it out: Music store

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Obviously, we would be nothing without our contributors. If you would like to contribute reviews, news or blog posts to All-Noise, send your stuff to us at [email protected] – and get yourself onto this ever-growing list of contributors:

Luke Glassford

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, main administrator and all round top bloke Luke contributes the majority of content to All-Noise. Proper music is his passion, from indie and rock to hip-hop and electro – if it has soul and means something, he’s on it!

Email: [email protected]

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Philip Lickley

Philip is a regular contributor to All-Noise and also runs his own music blog called Wav Goodbye.

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James Murphy

James is the drummer of up-and-coming Leicester band The Chasers, so he’s our voice on the inside of the music industry!

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