Listen to Adam Lambert’s Song “Two Fux”

Adam Lambert has recently released his ballad titled “Two Fux”. This song is written by Sarah Hudson, Ferras, Big Taste, and Trey Campbell. With so many creative people contributing to this new song, I’m sure it will be worth listening. You can listen to “Two Fux” below, after the review.

The new song by Adam Lamber, titled “Two Fux” is about living the way you want. This song reminds us that we have the ability to spend life at our terms, instead of living it how others around us want. It’s about defying the status quo. The 35-year old singer wants to help young people defy the status quo so that they can live a life they truly deserve.

Adam couldn’t have inspired people to live a life the way it should be lived unless he had given them the power to believe through his music. That’s exactly what he does in this song by giving his fans some catchy hooks and soaring chorus. The chorus, in particular, is infectious and you won’t be able to turn your ears away from it.

Adam performed this song live on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. It was a good performance, one that built the momentum for the official studio version. However, the studio version might disappoint some fans who were looking for a stadium rock version. It turns out to be more radio friendly. It’s time to listen to this new song.

Listen to “Two Fux” by Adam Lamber

Post Author: David Watt