This weeks single releases – 24 June

This weeks single releases rated and slated by guest reviewer Philip Lickley. To contribute to All-Noise send your reviews to [email protected] Single Reviews – 24 June Chris Brown – ’Don’t Wake Me Up’ [rating:2/5] Buy: Don’t Wake Me Up Kicking off with a cheesy short monologue by someone sounding like Madonna, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ […]

music streaming charts

Music streaming stats will start influencing the UK singles chart from next month

Turns out the rumours earlier in the year were true – the Official Charts Company have announced they will begin incorporating music streaming stats into the UK singles chart in July. Data from music streaming big boys like Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, Xbox Music and Sony’s Music Unlimited will be used in the UK […]

Reverend and the Makers album review – ‘@Reverend_Makers’

Album review submitted by Philip Lickley. Submit your own reviews to All-Noise via email here: [email protected] Reverend and the Makers – @Reverend_Makers [rating:4.5/5] Buy: @ Reverend_Makers [Deluxe 2 x CD] The Automatic’s ‘Recover’. Electric Six’s ‘Danger! High Voltage’. The Wombat’s ‘Moving To New York’. Three songs by three bands that I found so good I […]

Jake Bugg

Watch: Jake Bugg – ‘Broken’ video

‘Broken’ is one of many highlights on Jake Bugg’s superb self-titled debut album, but even so it’s been decided that it needs a makeover from none over than super-producer du jour Rick Rubin. This new version adds a bit more gloss to the track with some lush strings and dominant percussion, which may make it […]

Splashh band

Watch: Splashh – ‘Feels Like You’ video

Aussie/London psych-garage band Splashh’s debut album Comfort is out on 2 September – and from what I’ve heard so far it’s shaping up to be great. First up was the awesome ‘All I Wanna Do‘, now they’ve released a perfectly bonkers video for new single ‘Feels Like You’. Check it out: ‘Feels Like You’ is […]

Eli & Fur

Listen: Eli & Fur – ‘Like The Way’

You may remember I featured exciting new production duo Eli & Fur’s last single ‘Nightmares’ in a New Music Roundup recently. Well here’s the follow-up – ‘Like The Way’ – which features a very addictive retro 90’s beat: ‘Like The Way’ is out on 22 July via NYX Records. Find out more:

Interpol album El Pintor

Watch: Interpol share live video of song ‘Anywhere’

Although they announced their new album last month – giving it a name and release date (El Pintor, 8 September if you missed the memo) – Interpol still haven’t unleashed any proper material from it. All we’ve had to go on so far is some grainy fan-shot footage of them playing ‘Anywhere’ and ‘My Desire’ […]

Yeezus artwork

Album review: Kanye West – ‘Yeezus’

Kanye West – Yeezus Rating: Absolutely no idea! Buy: Yeezus So, Kanye West. Yeezus. What to make of it? Is it a ferocious, intense and perfectly realised artistic statement, or the desperate noise-making of a superstar with nothing left to say? To be honest I don’t actually know the answer to that question. In fact, […]