Johnny Marr album Playland

Johnny Marr announces new solo album ‘Playland’ will be out on 6 October

After famously delaying a solo career for about 30 years after the demise of The Smiths, Johnny Marr has announced the release of his second less than 18 months after the first one.

The new album is called Playland and will be released on 6 October. It follows Marr’s debut solo album The Messenger which was released last February.

Speaking of the fast pace of releasing his new album, Marr said:

It was always my idea to be as quick following up this first album as possible. Even before I did The Messenger, I wanted this part of my career to just be quick, have some energy and not be too delayed. Nowadays, it’s all about campaigns and optimum times. I didn’t want to do things like one of those bands who it seems like every time they put a record out, it’s like the releasing of the Titanic and everybody has to come and watch. I just wanted to be in a band who work all the time; you do the shows, you write songs and you do it again.

Johnny Marr – Playland tracklist:
01. Back In The Box
02. Easy Money
03. Dynamo
04. Candidate
05. 25 Hours
06. The Trap
07. Playland
08. Speak Out Reach Out
09. Boys Get Straight
10. This Tension
11. Little King

Preorders for the new album are now open, which come with a free download ‘Easy Money’ (although you don’t get that until 16 August):

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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