Single Review: “Stay Together” by Noah Cyrus Is An Amazing Youth Anthem

Noah Cyrus has released a new single “Stay Together”. This new single is from her upcoming debut studio album.

“Stay Together” is really impressive. It could easily become the song of the year with its amazing “can’t stop” beat and a powerful lyrics. The song is all about realizing that nothing lasts forever. But that doesn’t mean you give up on life and forget to live it to the fullest. Finding someone you’d fall in love instantly could be a great thing, even though that precise moment won’t last forever. That’s mainly what the song is about.

The single Noah released earlier titled “Make Me” was a disappointment. A lot of people thought Noah hasn’t got the talent and maybe she’s all about average songs. But that’s not the case and Noah has rightly so proved it with her latest single “Stay Together”. She is capable and she has the talent to give us some of the best songs that we’d hear in top charts in the coming years.

It’s time you listen to this song. I’ve added a YouTube stream below.

Listen to “Stay Together” by Noah Cyrus

Post Author: David Watt