Coinye West

What is Coinye West?

Just to confirm that the world we live in is well and truly mental, today came the stupid/cleverly post-modern (depending on whether you’re an art student or not) news that a new ‘crypto-currency’ based on Kanye West has been created – called Coinye West. A crypto-currency is an online form of money that can be […]

best soundtracks

The 10 Greatest Soundtracks of All Time

The past year or so of film has been full of major events, from huge sequels to award-winning masterpieces. But among all of the spectacular film events, one thing not to overlook is the fact that we heard some truly incredibly soundtracks and scores. 10. Cloud Atlas Like the film itself, the “Cloud Atlas” score […]

How long have CD’s got left?

Everywhere you look you see signs that the music industry has moved well beyond the humble CD. These days it seems music consumption and sales are all about downloads and streaming – with new streaming platforms from big hitters like Apple, Twitter and Google expected to join established players like Spotify in killing CDs completely. […]


Bands That Just Couldn’t Get Along

You hear about it all the time in celebrity news: bands that are fighting or arguing. These reports are usually accompanied by rumours of whether or not they’ll break up. For the most part the band members work things out and continue with their careers. But sometimes years of infighting forces a band to implode […]

Expand Your Record Collection by Streaming Online

Listening to records on vinyl is still considered by many as the best way to listen to their favourite bands. However, the convenience of online music streaming means that it is rapidly becoming a universally popular way to listen to music. Spotify is arguably the best known streaming service available. It started as a completely […]

Salford Lads Club

The UK’s Most Iconic Music Sites to Visit

Have you been to High Green in search of the birthplace of the Arctic Monkeys, Burnage to find Mrs. Gallagher or enjoyed a pilgrimage to Bromley to find the inspiration of Bowie? For some of us, the place is as important as the music. But how many of these iconic places have you actually travelled […]

Amazon Prime music streaming

What Amazon Prime Music needs to do to succeed

This past January, one of the biggest news stories in the music industry occurred when Beats Music launched in the U.S. Since then, there have been even more, and perhaps even bigger, stories making headlines. Beats has remained a prominent figure, as expected, and upped its share of the market after being purchased by Apple for […]