Music News: Hailee Steinfeld’s “Haiz” Will Be Out In A Day – Listen To A Sampler And Be Amazed

Anyone who ever doubted Hailee Steinfeld’s talent should immediately listen to the latest sampler that she released through YouTube. This sampler is from her upcoming debut EP “Haiz”. In fact, the EP is due for release tomorrow. All you have to do is to listen to these few seconds and you will know what you […]

Nicki Minaj performs three tracks on SNL

Nicki is all excited promoting her third album The PinkPrint although there are still two weeks to release dates. The album will be a surefire hit with all the publicity Nicki Minaj has been doing and especially with her SNL performances this week. She performed three songs from her upcoming album and divided them into […]

music streaming charts

Music streaming stats will start influencing the UK singles chart from next month

Turns out the rumours earlier in the year were true – the Official Charts Company have announced they will begin incorporating music streaming stats into the UK singles chart in July. Data from music streaming big boys like Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, Xbox Music and Sony’s Music Unlimited will be used in the UK […]

BRITs 2014 – the social media stats are in

The build up to this year’s BRIT Awards was all about how shit it would be – thanks mostly to last years particularly insipid ceremony – but it turned out to be just about on the right side of acceptable. It wasn’t what I would class as entertaining – nothing with James Corden presenting could ever be classed as ‘entertaining’ – but it wasn’t mind-numbingly dull, so it was a bit of an improvement.

Part of the reason for the BRIT Awards becoming increasingly dull over the past few years has been the organisers’ insistence to get One Direction there – even making up awards (Global Success Award!?!?) especially for the boy band to make sure that huge audience of teenage girls are not only watching the awards ceremony, but Tweeting about it too. Read more about BRITs 2014 – the social media stats are in

Music streaming data will soon influence UK Top 40 – says Radio 1 boss

The UK Top 40 singles chart will soon incorporate data from online music streaming services, according to Radio 1’s Head of Music George Ergatoudis.

Ergatoudis revealed the plans during a speech last night at the Radio Academy Playlists: What Makes a Hit in 2014? event in London.

Traditionally, Radio 1 has used sales data direct from The Official Charts Company to compile the UK Top 40 singles – but now they appear to be ready to follow the lead of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US and use streaming numbers as well.

After his revelation, Ergatoudis took to Twitter to provide further details on the plans and confirmed that the plan is to use data from a number of music streaming services, rather than just Spotify.


Read more about Music streaming data will soon influence UK Top 40 – says Radio 1 boss

Were the YouTube Music Awards a success?

Last night was the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, or YTMAs as they so desperately want people to refer to them as, and despite YouTube being the premier music consumption site in the world the interest in the awards didn’t seem to be that great. The run-up to the awards ceremony was over-shadowed by the likes […]

Yannis Philippakis

Yannis Philippakis slams Spotify for paying an ‘insulting pittance’ to artists

Foals front-man Yannis Philippakis has become the latest in a growing list of high profile musicians to criticise the business model of music streaming powerhouse Spotify. Talking to Channel 4 news ahead of tomorrow nights Mercury Prize ceremony – for which Foals’ Holy Fire is nominated – Philippakis slammed Spotify for what he described as […]