Yannis Philippakis

Yannis Philippakis slams Spotify for paying an ‘insulting pittance’ to artists

Foals front-man Yannis Philippakis has become the latest in a growing list of high profile musicians to criticise the business model of music streaming powerhouse Spotify. Talking to Channel 4 news ahead of tomorrow nights Mercury Prize ceremony – for which Foals’ Holy Fire is nominated – Philippakis slammed Spotify for what he described as […]

Were The YouTube Music Awards a success?

Last night was the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, or YTMAs as they so desperately want people to refer to them as, and despite YouTube being the premier music consumption site in the world the interest in the awards didn’t seem to be that great. The run-up to the awards ceremony was over-shadowed by the likes […]

How long have CD’s got left?

Everywhere you look you see signs that the music industry has moved well beyond the humble CD. These days it seems music consumption and sales are all about downloads and streaming – with new streaming platforms from big hitters like Apple, Twitter and Google expected to join established players like Spotify in killing CDs completely. […]