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Designing your home recording studio : Essentials to consider

If you love making music, a home recording studio is a great ambition to have. It has endless possibilities for recording your own performances, playing with a band, or just jamming with your mates. What a wonderful way to invest your time as well as your money, and the best news is that it’s possible to get started quite cheaply and simply. In fact, this may be the best way as you can build it up in stages without fearing that you’ll quit and not get proper use out of grander investments.

You’ll definitely need a computer, but most home computers are fast enough to cope with basic recording technology, so if money is tight, use what you already have. When you’re ready to upgrade, look for one that offers the fastest affordable speed, the largest screen space, and options for customisation.

A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is a must as it allows you to record, edit and mix, and this goes hand in hand with an Audio Interface, which connects your computer to the rest of your musical gear. A combo unit may be a good compromise to start with, and this will also provide you with well-known software.

Designing your home recording studio

You could manage with one set of headphones, especially if you’re performing alone, but think about whether open-back or closed-back headphones are the best investment for your needs. Closed-back will be essential and tend to be cheaper, but you may choose to upgrade to open-back later on. One microphone and a mic stand will also get you started, but aim to buy the best you can afford as you will not regret it. Add in a set of studio monitors for mixing, a minimum of three XLR cables to connect your mic and your speakers, and you’re done.

It’s your creative space, so why not jazz it up with some musically inspired decoration and accessories? Let your imagination have free reign because there are loads of different things out there. You could incorporate pictures, murals or designs into the décor. Some instruments can be recycled into furniture or storage options, and there are all sorts of clocks and accessories that will make you smile every time you open the studio door. Do you have a favourite artist? If you do, then you’ll want to be reminded of them often, so why not include some memorabilia or look for accessories designed around their work?

You need it to be a comfortable space as well, and computers and other equipment generate additional heat. Go for plenty of light if possible, but make it controllable with made to measure shutters that provide just the right balance of natural light without glare or direct sunlight.

A home recording studio really is an affordable dream and offers lots of creative options for friends, family or solo performances. Follow the tried and tested suggestions to avoid wasting any money and turn your dream into a reality sooner than you imagine.

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer