Hailee Steinfeld’s “Haiz” Will Be Out In A Day – Listen To A Sampler And Be Amazed

Anyone who ever doubted Hailee Steinfeld’s talent should immediately listen to the latest sampler that she released through YouTube. This sampler is from her upcoming debut EP “Haiz”. In fact, the EP is due for release tomorrow.

All you have to do is to listen to these few seconds and you will know what you are going to get tomorrow from Hailee – of course it’s sound that you are going to fall in love with immediately. Chances are good that majority of music critics will call it the ‘wonder’ of the year and the others would want to call her new EP a ‘bomb’. Yes, it’s that good. And all I had to listen to reach these conclusions was this short snippet that she had recently released. The sampler is nearly 40 seconds long for each track from her upcoming debut EP. You will get a chance to preview all the songs.

The first song that you will listen in this sampler is “Love Myself”. The next is “You’re Such A” and it’s a gem – a true pop sensation that will impress every critic and every music fan who enjoys pop music. The next preview in the sampler is “Rock Bottom”. Finally you will have “Hell No’s And Headphones”, which is another wonderful track that’s going to be on the EP.

The sampler is a statement from Hailee – she’s here to stay. The naysayers will have to look to someone else now. Listen to the sampler below and start enjoying music like never before.

Listen to Sampler from Hailee’s debut EP

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz