Nicki Minaj performs three tracks on SNL

Nicki is all excited promoting her third album The PinkPrint although there are still two weeks to release dates. The album will be a surefire hit with all the publicity Nicki Minaj has been doing and especially with her SNL performances this week. She performed three songs from her upcoming album and divided them into two stellar performances for the evening.

She started her performance with “Bed Of Lies” which is assisted by Skylar Grey and produced by Alex Da Kid. Nicki Minaj wore a classy two-piece outfit and gave an emotional performance. Skylar Grey also did really good with chorus and bridge and once again showed that she’s got talent. Skylar has a bright future ahead of her without a doubt.

Nicki Minaj performed a medley combining “All Things Go” and “Only”. The performance was probably exceptional along with the outfit Nicki wore. Fans would especially be excited with “All Things Go” which was released on iTunes last week as a countdown single to Nicki’s upcoming album. Audience have loved this track and it sounded like an intelligent decision to include it in SNL performance which is just a week ahead of Nicki’s album release.

Watch Nicki Minaj perform on SNL

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz