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Which Streaming App Is Best For Finding New Music?

Just about everybody is streaming music these days. There‚Äôs no better way to affordably access unlimited music. And while in the past, the idea of streaming excited people because they could listen to all their favorite artists, now streaming is the ideal way to find new music to listen to. Anyone can upload their music […]

music streaming charts

Music streaming stats will start influencing the UK singles chart from next month

Turns out the rumours earlier in the year were true – the Official Charts Company have announced they will begin incorporating music streaming stats into the UK singles chart in July. Data from music streaming big boys like Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, Xbox Music and Sony’s Music Unlimited will be used in the UK […]

Beats Music

Beats Music and YouTube to enter music streaming market in early 2014

The world of music streaming is about to get a lot more crowded soon with two potentially huge new services going up against the likes of Spotify and Pandora in early 2014. Beats Electronics have announced today that their Beats Music streaming service – formerly known as ‘Daisy‘ – will be launched in January 2014. […]

Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg joins the Spotify debate – blames labels for poor streaming payments to artists

I know what you’re thinking – we can’t seem to go a week without another high-profile recording artist weighing in on the whole Spotify/music streaming debate. But bear with me on this one, as Billy Bragg has unsurprisingly thrown a hefty dose of common sense into the argument. Rather than criticise Spotify and the rest […]

Yannis Philippakis

Yannis Philippakis slams Spotify for paying an ‘insulting pittance’ to artists

Foals front-man Yannis Philippakis has become the latest in a growing list of high profile musicians to criticise the business model of music streaming powerhouse Spotify. Talking to Channel 4 news ahead of tomorrow nights Mercury Prize ceremony – for which Foals’ Holy Fire is nominated – Philippakis slammed Spotify for what he described as […]

BBC Playlister

What exactly is BBC Playlister?

It’s been a busy day for the BBC, with the new(ish) Director General Tony Hall looking to make his mark with a raft of new digital offerings. In amongst all the announcements was a curious sounding new product/service called BBC Playlister, which comes to us heralding ‘partnerships’ with the big boys of online streaming – […]

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Win! 3 months free Spotify subscription….

Win a 3 months Spotify subscription Fancy winning a 3 months subscription to music-streaming service Spotify? If so, our new competition should be right up your alley! Just head over to our Facebook page (just click here), ‘Like’ it and tell us what your favourite album of 2012 is so far in the comments. It’s […]

Most streamed songs of 2011 revealed…

Remember when iTunes and then music streaming started to get really popular a few years ago, and everyone was saying how this ‘internet thing’ would totally dismantle the music industry and lead to lots of old classic songs and unknown artists hitting the charts? Well, for the first time ever, The Official Charts Company has […]