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Song Review: “That’s It” by Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has premiered a new song, titled “That’s It”. This new song was released just yesterday. “That’s It” is an urban jam that’s produced by Murda Beatz.

In this single, you will hear Bebe Rexha collaborating with the hit rappers Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz. I feel as if it’s time Bebe starts giving us hits without other collaborators. These collaborations that she has done over the past year or so have been brilliant and they have done really well on the charts but she also needs to drop songs without featuring anyone else. It sounds as if Bebe is tagging herself as a ‘collaboration’ artist only. That’s not what fans want. She has got such a powerful voice and we want to see her slay songs at her own. I hope Bebe will consider this for her fans.

This new song “That’s It” will become a part of Bebe’s new album “All Your Fault P.2”. This album will be an EP and it will hit the stores in August, probably during the second week. As you might already know, this album will come out via Warner Bros. Records.

“That’s It” is a song about Bebe. It’s about being confident and being cocky. That’s the kind of attitude Bebe wants to show in this new single. I’m sure she wants to tell everyone that it’s important to gain the kind of confidence that would stop traffic and cause mayhem. That’s only possible when you have the confidence glowing your entire personality but it’s coupled with attitude. You can listen to this song after the review. Just hit PLAY to start streaming this song on Spotify.

Listen to “That’s It” by Bebe Rexha 

Post Author: David Watt