Martine McCutcheon

The Best of the Brand Ambassadors – and Why You Need One

There are some celebrities who are irreversibly linked to a particular brand in the minds of consumers – and for the brands that they’re involved with, so long as the celebrity stays squeaky clean, that’s a great thing.

So which are the best celebrity brand partnerships, and why do they work so well? We’ve looked at some of the best, and the celebrities available for endorsements on the books at celebrity agents, MN2S.

Gary Lineker for Walkers Crisps

The cheeky chappy ex-footballer is the type of man who’s very relatable – he could be your dad, your brother or your husband, and it’s that everyman quality that makes Lineker such a great choice of brand ambassador for Walkers.

They’re unfussy and unpretentious crisps – just like Gary Lineker – and with a partnership that’s so far lasted more than a decade, it seems to be working for both parties!

Footballers make excellent brand ambassadors because they’re famous faces but are often seen as more ‘normal’ than other celebrities – why not seek out the services of Rio Ferdinand for a similar role?

Beyonce, Britney and Pink for Pepsi

Perhaps one of the most iconic TV adverts of the 00s featured Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink performing a rendition of We Will Rock You in an amphitheatre. The rock’n’roll atmosphere it conjured up fitted perfectly with Pepsi’s image, and a series of competitions around the same time to win tickets to see the three stars live continued the theme tying together Pepsi, music and cool.

Musicians can often help to lend some cool to a product that they endorse – a homegrown British star like Tulisa would make a great choice of ambassador to ensure your brand stays edgy.

Martine McCutcheon and Activia

Another brand ambassador who’s been with one brand for a long time is Martine McCutcheon, who has lent her weight to Activia yoghurts for several years. The wholesome, healthy and trustworthy image that she has cultivated fits perfectly with the probiotic yoghurt.

As a mum she’s perfectly placed to dish out advice on healthy living and consumers are likely to heed her word. Another group that’s seen as trustworthy on matters of health is athletes and sports stars – someone like Olympic weightlifter Zoe Smith would be a great choice of brand ambassador for a health-focused product or service.

A celebrity ambassador who fits your image and is willing to attend events, produce quotes about your service or use your product in public can be a real asset to your promotional activity and can even help to boost sales directly.

You can hire a celebrity who fits with your brand through London based talent agency MN2S, who offer a wide range of celebrities from across the spectrum to endorse products. These include sportsmen and women, stars of stage and screen, musicians and comedians, so whatever your brand they’re sure to have a good fit available.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer