The 3 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Produced

Music videos have become an integral part of the music industry. With the evolution of technology, artists are now able to produce the most elaborate and most expensive music videos. Some of these music videos have become iconic and are still remembered years after their release. In this article, you will discover three of the […]


The Best Ways To Listen To Live Music Online

The Internet has undoubtedly transformed the music industry and radically altered the way we consume music. From mp3’s and cloud storage to buying music streaming subscriptions, the way we interact with music has changed forever. While all that may be good for us ‘consumers’, it’s not been a barrel of laughs for industry types and […]

Disclosure and Nile Rodgers

How To Set Up Your Own Drums Recording Studio

You could start looking online for that perfect drums recording studio, or you could just do it yourself, right? Exactly! It may sound like a difficult thing to do, but actually, setting up your own drums recording studio is easier than you might at first think. Here’s one way of doing it, and some more […]

Skydiving Europe

Best skydiving cities in Europe

Skydiving is one of the most exciting extreme activities that can exist, offering the opportunity to challenge oneself, facing any fear of making a jump of this magnitude, as well as living an intense adventure that will raise adrenaline levels with all its benefits. Around the world you can find some beautiful places that have […]

The Rise Of The Cash-in Cover Song…

If you are a regular streamer of music from sites such as Amazon, iTunes or one of the many others, you can’t have failed to notice the amount of streams available of songs currently in the charts, or coming out soon, but performed by cover bands. When I say cover bands I don’t mean tribute […]