Let the Latin Taste Begin with “Pienso En Tu Mirá” By Rosalia – Watch the Iconic Video Here!


An iconic single arrived ahead of upcoming album of Spanish flamenco singer Rosalia, just released “Pienso En Tu Mira”. The video didn’t take long after her sizzling performance at Sonar Festival from the hometown she belongs, in Barcelona this year. Love Spanish? You can also listen Audio of New Spanish Version of Havana

This song is very innovative and her signature voice is the essence of her song. “Pienso En Tu Mira” has everything including a relaxing melody and vocals are full of affection and emotion. Rosalia sings Pienso en tu mirá, tu mirá, clavá, es una bala en el pecho” when her crush stares at her very deeply feels like bullet hitting her in chest.

Rosalia sings, Pienso en tu mirá, tu mirá, clavá, es una bala en el pecho which means that she is very touchy about his man. She doesn’t want to stand and talk or walk with her man on the streets because then other people around them can see him and his seductive and catchy looks that according to Rosalia belongs to her only. This is an amazing video with stunning visuals from Spanish emerging start Rosalia.

I think no one other than Spanish Rosalia can perform when you are being threatened with a knife under your neck and number of guns pointed at you.

Watch the Latin Sensation Rosalia Down Here!

Post Author: David Watt