Album Review: Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Is A Wild Ride

Madonna isn’t going unnoticed in this century. Her album Madame X has already brought her to the attention. The album delivers some ‘safe’ music while the other parts are simply difficult to digest. You simply think what Madonna was thinking while she was preparing those tracks. It’s a bizarre album and maybe that’s something Madonna […]


Madonna: her Next World Tour

Madonna has given us the huge news by announcing her Madame X world tour. The tour will see Madonna perform in venues inside the US as well as outside the country. The tour will kick off on 12 September. The first performance is scheduled at Gilman Opera in NYC. Madonna will give us various nights […]

Listen to “Medellín” By Madonna Featuring Maluma

Madonna is back and she has started a new era. The first taste of her new album Madame X dropped yesterday titled “Medellin.” Madonna has brought the Colombian singer Maluma on this song since the song borrows some elements from reggae. Madonna wants to go back in time with this song. In the song, she […]


Madonna to Direct A Movie

Madonna will be directing a featured film. The movie she will direct is titled “Taking Flight”. After she has completed her movie project, she will eventually release her new album. I had this funny feeling back in 2000s that Madonna will venture into movies when her husband (now divorced) Guy Ritchie was doing so well […]


Single Review: “Living For Love” by Madonna

Madonna launched pre-order page for her upcoming album “Rebel Heart”. The album will be released on March 10th, 2015 but you can pre-order starting from today. Fans will be able to download six tracks from the album as soon as they pre-order which means album release date will not make that much of a difference […]


Watch Madonna’s ‘World Of Madame X’ Documentary

Madonna seems to know everything about creating a music era and that’s exactly what she’s doing these days. Apparently, the formula is simple: deliver a great album, follow it up with powerful visuals, and keep doing some promotions. However, for Madonna, there is more to it. Her “World Of Madame X” documentary is proof of […]


Madonna Could Face Ban From Performing in Philippines

Madonna recently performed in Philippines but she was spotted ridiculing the country’s flag during her performance, something that didn’t go unnoticed as the authorities decided to propose a ban on her concert in the country. The pop queen was performing in Manila on two sold-out shows in the last week as a part of her […]

New Music Video: “Bitch I’m Madonna” by Madonna

Queen of pop Madonna has released a new music video for her new single “Bitch I’m Madonna”. This new club-ready single is from her new album “Rebel Heart”. The music video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and it features half a dozen pop stars including Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Katy Perry. Nicki Minaj […]