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Portimao, One of the Most Popular Destinations in the Algarve

A cosmopolitan city par excellence, Portimao is one of the most popular destinations in the Algarve. Beaches, golf courses, and a beautiful Alvor estuary, Portimao has many qualities. And that’s not counting all the water sports that make visitors smile.

From then on, the east of Portimao displays calm waters and protected dunes. Here, many birds have taken up residence. In addition, the Ria makes it possible to observe the techniques of the workers carrying out their activities. Harvesting salt, shellfish, and other fish farms in the waters of the estuary. In addition to things to do during the day, Portimao has some great secrets once night comes. While the restaurants on the quays offer local specialties, such as bean and whelks stew, or even bolas de ovo (egg balls), visitors can also find a lively seaside. Here, it is possible to take a walk or take a trip to the restaurant of the nautical club which has a view of the port.

Shopping and landmarks

Shopping enthusiasts will also be delighted to turn to Portimao. Indeed, the narrow streets of the city are home to traditional shops. It is also possible to find an ultra-modern shopping center and the largest in the Algarve: Aqua Portimao. Located in the heart of the city and a stone’s throw from Praia da Rocha, the center is perfect for having an enjoyable time, having a meal, or shopping.

In another genre, Portimao displays one of the largest churches in the Algarve. What is worth a visit while passing through here. It is also impossible to miss the archaeological site of Abicada, where there are the remains of various Roman villas, dating from the 1st and 4th centuries.

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