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Janet Jackson Performed Her Single “Made For Now” Last Night. So Captivating!

Janet’s new single “Made For Now” is now available on digital platforms. You loved the song or not but I am telling you, you just couldn’t leave without appreciating this glowing stage performance.
Janet was a guest last night at “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” where she performed her new single “Made For Now” for the very first time on the Television and it was really fascinating.

Daddy Yankee joined Janet on stage for her performance and people loved it. I must say they were actually teaching the other artists that how to make a stage performance stunning. It was a stand and witness performance and that’s what the audience did.
It was an African-themed performance and it seemed like that we actually were in Africa enjoying some festival.
I still can’t stop myself from watching the video and I just can’t be between you and this shocking performance any more.

Watch Janet Jackson’s Blowing Stage performance:

Post Author: David Watt