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These Musicians Enjoy Casino Games

Music and gambling have had a strong relationship ever since they were first brought together. Many believe that it was Frank Sinatra who, among other musicians at the time, brought the two mediums closer together. Frank Sinatra became famous in Las Vegas for Ol’ Blue Eyes, which is a song that was played and, in some cases, still being played in many casino establishments in Las Vegas.

The number of musicians that are participating in gambling activities is large and is still growing. Here, we will take notice of some of the most famous musicians that are known for their outstanding performances on stage, as well as their performance in slots and poker games.


Lemmy, also known as Ian Fraser Kilmister, was known for being an amazing musician and the founder of the famous metal band, Motorhead. His music and songwriting are considered to be one of the foundations of heavy-metal music. When it comes to his gambling activities, he was known to enjoy slot games in his spare time. It is no coincidence that his love for slot games has inspired many online casino games that are available on the internet.

There is an interesting documentary about Ian’s life, known as Lemmy: The Movie. In this documentary, Dave Damian talks about how Lemmy was a frequent guest at a particular club in London, where he was seen playing his favorite slot games.


A rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and occasional actor, Nelly is known for receiving the Grammy Award twice in his career. He is from St Louis, Missouri and has made himself known in the public eye in the early 2000s and since then, he has worked with many famous artists in the past. The best examples would be Justin Timberlake and Kelly Rowland. He enjoys playing poker and is known to have participated in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Scott Ian

Scott is famously known for being the lead guitarist in the band Anthrax. He always had an interest in playing poker and aside from playing casually, he was also seen participating in poker tournaments such as Aruba Poker Classic, where he played against some of the most professional players in the world. He discovered the game of poker by playing for the first time when he was on a tour and since then, his love and appreciation for the game grew stronger.

Scott often speaks in interviews about his fondness for the game, and how he managed to get better at it and compete against professional players in poker tournaments. He has also received some lessons from Phil Hellmuth, whom he met at during the time he participated at Poker Classic.

P. Diddy

The multi-talented Hip-Hop artist, Sean Combs aka P.Diddy has an interest in blackjack. In 2012, when Harrah’s Atlantic City Resort was supposed to introduce 6 new poolside blackjack tables, P.Diddy was meant to perform on the opening ceremony. Instead of performing on stage, the rapper was seen performing at a blackjack table, at the same time showing his love for the game.

There are many other musicians that enjoy and partake in gambling activities and for some, the few examples mentioned here could be a surprise and something that they would never have guessed. Among musicians, there are also other celebrities, especially in the movie industry that have an interest in casino games. However, you don’t have to be a famous person to enjoy these games. The internet has made casinos available to anybody and some of these. celebrities have shown their appreciation for online casinos because now, they can play anywhere at any time.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer