Iggy Tells Her Fans Why She Ended Her Relationship With Nick Young

Iggy Azalea has been living a tough life as a rapper. There have been numerous bullying incidents in the last few months, especially after people started believing that she was destroying rap music. She made some racial comments, had a fight with a black rapper on Twitter, broke with her boyfriend Nick Young, and finally went back to Australia. She is currently sitting in a Judge’s chair on The X Factor Australia.

She was recently bullied at the airport by her fans. Ever since the rumors about her splitting with her boyfriend spread, she has been made to reveal a lot of personal stuff. Although she kept quiet except some Tweets, she has now started talking to media about how her relationship had ended with Nick Young.

As the story has come out, Neil Young wasn’t loyal to her superstar rapper girlfriend. He was supposedly bringing other women at home while Iggy was away. Iggy eventually caught him cheating on her by watching CCTV footage. She was disappointed as she declared in her recent Tweets.

Although there was a rumor that Nick has impregnated his mistress and that’s the reason for the breakup, Iggy hasn’t confirmed it. She was very clear to suggest that even she wasn’t aware of anything like that. However, she was brave enough to give the real reason behind their breakup.

Post Author: David Watt