Discover Albufeira, the Liveliest Resort in the Algarve

In the Algarve, there is a place that is one of the most lively and popular seaside resorts In Europe, without a doubt: Albufeira. Here, the entertainment is incredible, and the place owes its fame to the superb beaches that surround Albufeira. In addition, many bars and other nightclubs are there for the many tourists.

Albufeira, the Heart of the Algarve

However, there is no doubt that this station deserves to be much better known. Like other places in the Algarve, Albufeira was founded by the Arabs and retains its narrow, winding streets. These can be discovered through beautiful walks. Both day and night. Because yes, the animation is continuous.

Also note that some paths can lead the visitor to the beaches of Paria do Tunel and Praia de Peneco. Here, it is a gigantic expanse of sand, framed by the city and having the shape of an amphitheater facing the sea, that it is possible to discover. Walking along the seafront also allows for beautiful discoveries, such as the Xorino cave. In this place, the Moors found a refuge there in the 13th century, during the reconquest of the city by the Christians.

Local colors and useful information

On these beaches of Albufeira, fishing boats lie on the sand after daily work. While in the old quarters, bars and restaurants are countless. Local specialties will amaze visitors, such as cataplana, which is the specialty of the region.

The latter allows the tasting of seafood or fish, grilled or prepared in a special copper dish. Useful information for visitors; it is possible to leave the car near the town hall and then go down the stairs to reach the narrow streets.

For its part, the nightlife for which the place is famous is concentrated in the historic center of Albufeira, as well as in the area between Praia da Oura and Montechoro.

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