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Single Review: “Break A Sweat” by Becky G

Becky G has released a new song on NYC’s Z100 radio on August 19, titled “Break A sweat”. This Dr. Luke-produced single is now available on iTunes for global audience to buy.

“Break A Sweat” is the fourth single to be released from Becky G’s forthcoming debut full-length album. The album will be released through RCA at the end of this year. However, the record hasn’t announced a definitive release date so far.

“Break A Sweat” is an energetic single that will get you dancing right from the beginning. The rapper used a Caribbean-inspired sound for her last two singles but this time she goes back to pop basics. “Break A Sweat” is definitely a pure-pop single, destined to make it to the Top 40.

Becky G raps perfectly in verses and sings in her powerful voice through the chorus. The chorus is massive and I’m sure everyone is going to love Becky’s voice. Her vocals have improved dramatically from what we heard in her last single.

The song is about a girl who is making her boyfriend ‘blow her mind’ before he can get access to her body. She isn’t ready to surrender unless she is treated the way she wants. Listen to the full song below and buy it on iTunes if you love it.

Listen “Break A Sweat” by Becky G – Full Audio

Post Author: David Watt