Nicki Minaj Rejects the Billboard’s Positions, What’s Wrong With Her?

Billboard has just announced the positions regarding the album sales in America for the last week. The Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” is at the top once again with a total of 205,000 copies sold out. These numbers include physical sales, digital and streams together.

Nicki minaj’s “Queen” is on number two. 185,00 copies of the album are sold yet according to the report. She is obviously not happy with this and has straightly denied these Billboard’s positions.

Nicki thinks that she is a true artist and her album “Queen” is the number one music album in America right now. But I think this is more about sales, and Nicki should have accepted the announcement.

I can understand that this would have been sad for Nicki but more irritating is that she has gone out of her mind I am sharing some tweets of her, have a look.




So, that last minute bundle deal that gave an extra upheave of 50k to Travi’s, “Astroworld” is actually what made her go livid. Oh lady! You have lost.

I remember that she said that “she doesn’t care about numbers”, then why is she doing all this? I think she needs to stop tweeting about it, it’s over.



Post Author: David Watt