Music: “Younger Now” by Miley Cyrus – Watch Video and Read Review

ith Miley Cyrus has premiered her new single “Younger Now”. The song is out on all digital platforms now. Miley also released the official music video for this new song.

This new song is the second single from Miley Cyrus’ upcoming album. It will be her sixth studio album. With the first single doing really good and the second single already sounding like a hit, I feel like this forthcoming studio album is going to be something special. If these two singles have excited you about the upcoming music from Miley, you only have to wait until the last week of  September. That’s when Miley will be releasing her album via RCA Records.

“Younger Now”, written by Miley and Oren Yoel, is a melodic track with nostalgic indie-pop beats that we have come to associate with Miley. It’s closer to the sound you heard in Miley’s first single “Malibu”. I hope her upcoming album will have more variety and we will get to listen to something entirely different from Miley in this album. Maybe, she will set the tone with her indie-pop-folk mid-tempo songs and then surprise the audience with a single from a different genre.

The music video for “Younger Now” is perfect. It makes you feel great as you see Miley Cyrus in so many different looks. The video has many style themes but at its core, it’s about trans community. It supports them and shows us how they fill our world with colors. I’m sure you are going to love the MV. Watch it below.

Watch “Younger Now” Music Video by Miley Cyrus


Post Author: David Watt