Justin Bieber – Listen to “Friends” NOW

Justin Bieber has given us a new single as he promised earlier. It came out yesterday and it’s titled “Friends”.

This new single is produced by BloodPop. It’s mid-tempo and sounds extremely catchy and entertaining. It’s a great song to wrap up the summer. But if this new single does good on the charts, Justin Bieber will join The Beatles after replacing himself at the number one, twice in a row. I think that is a clear possibility considering the way this song feels on my ears.

If this song excites you, you might think that Justin Bieber might be giving out more music this year. Don’t be fooled. It’s obvious by now that he won’t release another album this year. He hasn’t given any indication and even those who claim that he dropped hints recently on social media are only interpreting things wrong.

This new single “Friends” is a straightforward electro-pop track where Justin Bieber is telling us about how desperately he wants to revive his relationship with his ex-girl. He doesn’t focus on a romantic relationship but wants to be ‘friends’ again. It’s a kind of song that a lot of people can easily relate to and think about fixing their ex-relationships and turning into friendships. I think it’s a surefire hit.

Listen to New Single “Friends” by Justin Bieber


Post Author: David Watt