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Bonehead says Oasis split ‘good for music’

Former Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs has told The Daily Record that the bands split in 2009 will be ‘good for music’.  The rythmn guitarist, who was with Oasis for the their first three albums said about the split: “I was glad because Liam would go to the right, Noel would go to the left […]

Beady Eye The Roller Single Review

Yes, we know we’ve been talking a lot about Beady Eye recently – but with the rate they’re throwing out new material, and the lack of anything  else going on, can you blame us!? Whatever you think about Liam and his new band (and people tend to have some strong opinions!), you can’t deny they […]

Beady Eye Single Review – Four Letter Word

Beady Eye – Four Letter Word Now that the dust has settled on ‘Four Letter Word‘s Boxing Day unveiling, the verdict on Beady Eye‘s new single – and album opener – is in.  Here at All-Noise the unanimous opinion is that this is the song that has truly whetted our appetite for their forthcoming debut […]

Lily Allen

This Week’s New Single Releases (24th November 2013)

My round up of the new singles available for digital download this week. Afrojack feat. Spree Wilson – ‘The Spark’ First on the list this week is a lyrically uplifting track with a positive message, though one that is wrapped up in a typical sounding 2013 dance rnb track. That said the ‘Gym Class Heroes’-esque […]

Beady Eye video

Watch: Beady Eye – ‘Soul Love’ video

I don’t quite know why but it’s somehow comforting to know that Beady Eye are still out there bobbing along, touring and releasing singles. The next release from their Dave Sitek-produced second album BE is a double-A side of ‘Soul Love’ and ‘Iz Rite’, which is out on 25 November. Today the band have released […]

Shine A Light video

Watch: Beady Eye – ‘Shine A Light’ video

With all the ‘love-rat’ rumours going around about Liam at the minute, the release of the above screenshot by his PR people to promote the new Beady Eye video is viral gold! The video itself, for BE cut ‘Shine A Light’, is standard fair though – featuring some nuns and a medieval banquet before Liam […]


My Glastonbury 2013 review…

Glastonbury is commonly regarded as the world’s biggest and best festival for lots of reasons, but the one reason that stands out for me is the freedom it offers festival-goers to enjoy the weekend however they choose to. Other festivals pack you into designated areas and have a limited amount of stages and options. At […]