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Update on Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello – Watch The Latest 5H Interview

“Are we still having bad vibes of Camila or are we OKAY? ”

This is how it all started. The interviewer wasn’t really kind to let this go so she probed further into it asking whether the girls were alright with Camila unfollowing the band. That started something that most of you won’t like even if you favor 5H in this feud.

The girls were eager to answer this question. They could have simply called it out of place and avoided the question. Or maybe, they could have dodged the question by answering in a clever way. They didn’t do any of it. Instead, the girls felt excited at being asked this question as if they were waiting for a chance to vent off their anger. Everyone in the band except Dinah said things that would have a long-lasting implication on the relationship between Camila and the band. Dinah was somewhat uncomfortable at the question and the answers that the girls produced in reply to the probing question that the interviewer asked.

You can watch the short interview video below. Don’t forget to notice Dinah’s face when Lauren and other girls talk about being ‘happy girl’.

Watch Fifth Harmony Talking About Camila Cabello in an Interview

Post Author: David Watt