Selena Gomez Reveals Artwork for “Kill Em With Kindness”

Selena Gomez has given her fans the treat they were expecting. You guessed it right. It’s the cover artwork for “Kill Em All With Kindness” – and it’s FANTASTIC!

The artwork is a lipstick print on a black background. The cover is probably indicating to ‘killing with kindness’ and ‘rising above haters’. It’s exactly what fans wanted.

The further good news is that Selena Gomez will now think about doing a music video or maybe a TV performance of her latest single. She hasn’t done any promotion yet and still the single is getting good response. Probably a music video would do wonders and help the song become a super hit. Only time will tell what Selena is planning.

You can listen to the track below.

Listen to “Kill Em All With Kindness” by Selena Gomez

Post Author: David Watt