Listen “Kill Em With Kindness” by Selena Gomez (Acoustic)

Selena Gomez knows what her fans want. That’s her secret of success along with the hard work that she’s put in during the last decade of so. Now she has come up with an acoustic version of “Kill Em With Kindness” and that’s exactly what her fans have been asking for on social media.

This song “Kill Em All With Kindness” is from the upcoming TV series 13 Reasons Why. This series will premiere on Netflix. This song will serve as an official soundtrack for this TV series.

This acoustic version of “Kill Em With Kindness” sounds so beautiful that you would love to put it on repeat. You hear only a piano arrangement in the background as Selena Gomez delivers the vocals in a perfect harmony. Once again, she has used this song to tell her haters that she’s got amazing vocal quality. It’s something Selena is criticized a lot for even though she’s proved it time and again that she has an amazing vocal quality, better than a lot of other pop divas out there. I think it’s time now that her haters listen to her acoustic songs instead of criticizing her for nothing.

Listen to the acoustic version of “Kill Em All With Kindness” by Selena Gomez

Post Author: David Watt