Selena Gomez talks about her upcoming LP, Revival

We haven’t heard much about Selena Gomez’s upcoming LP apart from the fact that it will include her hit single “Good For You” and that it will hit the stores on October 10. Apart from that, Selena has kept things secret this time. Probably she wants to surprise her fans with something they weren’t expecting or maybe she is doing this as a marketing ploy. No one knows for sure.

While talking about her upcoming LP Revival in an interview, the pop princess dropped various hints about the album. For example, she mentioned that she loved her song “Who Says” and that she wanted to have a similar moment in the new album. There is a song about kindness that Selena believes is similar to “Who Says” and people are going to love it because it’s a song about her. She also talked about working with new people and pushing boundaries with her new album. She believes that her fans will go crazy with this album as she spent a lot of time working on making this album something special. Only time will tell if Selena’s efforts will pay off. We will keep our fingers crossed and wait for her album to drop to give a view but the kid of success she is having with her recent singles, there is every chance that she has a good album at hands and her fans will love it.


Post Author: David Watt