MØ Premieres New Music Video, “Blur” Featuring Foster The People. Watch Now:

The Danish singer and songwriter, “Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen” who is known professionally by her stage name, “MØ” has teamed up with the American band, “Foster The People”. They shared a new remix version of the MØ’s previously released song, “Blur” which was co written by MØ with “Mark Foster”, “STINT”, “BONN” and “Albin Nedler”.  The original […]


Watch New Music Video: “Nostalgia” by MØ

MØ has premiered the official music video for “Nostalgia” and in the music video you will see her hometown. “Nostalgia” is clearly the best song we have from MO till date. The official music video for the single came out on May 3 and it has become a sensation ever since. Since vertical videos are […]


Stream “Nostalgia” by MO + Song Review

MOhas shared a new song and it’s titled “Nostalgia”. This new song is a special song in a way that MO has shared her first love story with her fans. This new song indicates that MO is totally back now. She earlier shared a collaboration with Noah Cyrus and followed it up with another collaboration […]


New Single Review: “Dance for Me” by ALMA & MO

ALMA and MO have released a brand new single “Dance For Me” and it’s a surefire bop. It’s the first single from the mixtape “Heavy Rules” that ALMA was released just today. Does this sound good? If so, there isn’t any reason to miss the mixtape. I’m sure it’s going to contain some dazzling material. […]


Music Video Review: “Drum” By Danish Singer MØ

The electro-pop Danish songstress and songwriter MØ released the music video for her song “Drum” on November 17th, 2016. “After the Afterparty” chanteuse Charli XCX penned the song for MØ. The song will be a part of MØ’s forthcoming second studio album that will be releasing by Sony Music Entertainment. The music video directed by […]

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New Music: “Goodbye” by MO

June 25 was a special day for MO who debuted a new single on that day. The day was good for her in particular because she changed pace with this song and the crowd seemed to like it. In fact, it so well received by the crowd that MO had to thank audience to turning […]


“Final Song” by MO

MO has released a new single titled “Final Song”. However, this new single isn’t MO’s signature music at all. It’s something totally new for MO and it’s definitely the kind of music that will give you vibes. With her new single “Final Song”, MO has experimented with tropical house music. It’s a good genre for her to […]