Single Review: “9” by Cashmere Cat ft. MO and SOPHIE

Cashmere Cat has finally released the final version of “9” after making the fans wait for a long time. With this song, fans have something else to worry about: When would Cashmere Cat drop his full-length album? This will be his studio album but he hasn’t dropped any hint regarding the release date f this album. It’s troubling fans as Cashmere Cat keeps dropping singles without talking about the album. We have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes with Cashmere Cat.

Hopefully, with the release of the full version of “9”, there will be some good news. This new song is featuring MO and SOPHIE. The song came out on digital platforms today and now you can listen to it after the review. If you don’t have the patience to read the review, simply scroll down and play the song.

This new single was available in a demo version earlier. It stayed on the internet for a while but then Cashmere Cat decided to remove it. He did such a good job that today it’s impossible to find a copy of that demo. But anyway, now you have the full version to enjoy.

This new song by Cashmere Cat has some potential but the production quality is not up to the standard. You might like the song in the early parts but it goes really crazy and sounds like a weird production as it moves towards its conclusion. You can listen to it below.

Listen to “9” by Cashmere Cat ft. MO & SOPHIE

Post Author: David Watt