Music Video: “9 (After Coachella)” by Cashmere Cat featuring MO and SOPHIE

Cashmere Cat has released a music video for their latest collaboration with MO. This song is titled “9 After Coachella” and it’s┬áprobably the weirdest music video you’d ever watch. Why? You will have to see the music video yourself to see why it’s so weird and why everyone is talking about it.

Including SOPHIE in this production is definitely something that could be tagged as ‘experimental’. Nevertheless, it worked perfect and helped the Cashmere Cat bring something empowering into this song. If you are interested in reading the full song review, you can check it out here (I reviewed it a few weeks back).

“9 After Coachella” is a unique song. Now it also has a unique music video. Probably, this could have been the only music video that would fit such a quirky song. Nevertheless, the video is about the daily life of Cashmere Cat. The real awkwardness creeps into the video when Cashmere Cat meets MO. What exactly happens? You will have to watch the music video to know that. Watch the┬ámusic video for “9 After Coachella” below.

Watch Music Video “9 After Coachella” by Cashmere Cat featuring MO and SOPHIE

Post Author: David Watt