Music Video “Imaginary Parties” by SUPERFRUIT

It was 2016 when Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix formed SUPERFRUIT and gave us “Bad 4 Us”. It was a cute song that fans loved. But they also knew something in their heart that this new splinter group will give them something even bigger. Now it’s time for that with the new song “Imaginary Parties” out now. This new song takes the cuteness to a whole new level.

This new song will serve as the introduction to band’s upcoming debut EP. Surprisingly, this debut EP will come out in two parts. It’s named “Future Friends.

Guessing from the album name, you would anticipate something of a banger with some funk-infused chorus. But that’s not what this song is about. It’s more than that as the band has decided to explore the genre beyond the normal. They have taken their creative freedom to the next level and you will feel it right away when this song starts playing. Expect it to be on the radio soon.

The good news is that the band also gave their fans a visual for this song. The music video is as ambitious as is the song. They wear baby pink suits and strike glamorous poses in the video. They give us color and style in this video while looking somewhat fruity.

If you like this song and the music video, then be ready to have more from the band as they are planning a tour in the next month. I’m sure they will drop something new while on the tour. For now, it’s time to listen to their new song and watch its official music video.

Watch “Imaginary Parties” by SUPERFRUIT – Official Music Video

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz