Watch Music Video: “Nostalgia” by MØ

MØ has premiered the official music video for “Nostalgia” and in the music video you will see her hometown. “Nostalgia” is clearly the best song we have from MO till date. The official music video for the single came out on May 3 and it has become a sensation ever since.

Since vertical videos are becoming popular these days (we loved Camila Cabello’s mobile video), MO has also tried one for her “Nostalgia” track and I feel it’s a hit already. In the music video, you will go around MO’s hometown as you take a tour, led by MO herself. It’s a cute clip with a lot of striking visuals. You will see many moments that your brain will register from this music video.

It’s a feel-good song that will find its place down your memory lane. You will see MO’s old school and place where she met her first lover for the first time. She will also show us place where her heart was broken. There is even more so you gotta watch the music video. Give it a try below and it could easily become one of your favorite vertical videos.

Watch Vertical Music Video: “Nostalgia” by MO


Post Author: David Watt