Missy Elliott Thanks Katy Perry For Helping Her Make a Comeback

Missy Elliot has made a comeback and it’s going to be one of the biggest comebacks of this year for sure. She started her comeback by performing at the Super Bowl and followed it up with a smash hit “WTF (Where They From)”. This comeback track from Missy is sitting at number 3 on iTunes already. She also released a music video for the song which has already gained 15 million views on YouTube. This stunning comeback after a decade of hiatus won’t have been possible without the support of Katy Perry and Pharrell, according to Missy.

Missy was happy to credit Katy Perry for letting her perform at the Super Bowl as it was Katy’s Super Bowl this year. Missy told the media that she couldn’t thank Katy enough because she allowed her to perform. Missy also talked about how Katy has encouraged her to perform her new record. However, Missy decided to perform her classics as she was still working on fine-tuning her new record.

Missy Elliot also thanked Pharrell for making her comeback a reality. It was Pharrell who kind of pushed Missy to make a comeback. When asked about it, Pharrell was quick to say that it was the fans who wanted Missy to comeback so he had to push and encourage her. It looks as if things are turning out to be perfect for Missy.

Post Author: David Watt