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Music Video: “Happier” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has premiered the official music video for his latest single “Happier”. The music video came out on YouTube yesterday and has become a YouTube sensation ever since. It has already gathered a lot of reviews, helping ED with his latest single from the “Divide” album. If you haven’t been keeping track of ED’s album, it’s his fifth single from this album and I’m really happy that it got such a wonderful visual treatment.

The music video for “Happier” is directed Emil Nava and it’s shot in New York City where you see Ed Sheeran looking like a puppet. Is a puppet sign of being happy? I think puppets have nothing to worry and that’s one of the reasons why Ed choose to be one in this music video. If you are not sure who is this puppet, it’s the same one who appeared in “Sing” music video for the British singer / songwriter. SO you already know this puppet. Now he is trying to explain how life could be a lot happier if we could only follow the advice of a puppet and be like him. It seems like a simple trick but requires many changes in one’s life. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Happier” music video by Ed Sheeran

Post Author: Harvey Dyer