Music News: Carly Rae Jepsen Is Working On New Music

Carly Rae Jepsen is a talented singer who has made a lot of name for herself this year. The Canadian pop singer is now getting back to studio to work on a special new track. She has herself tweeted about her studio session telling her fans that she would come up with something special. She was really excited about the track but she didn’t mention where this track would end up. There is no news whether it will be on her upcoming re-release of third LP or just a buzz single. She hasn’t even mentioned if the track was going to be new material or just a remix of a previous hit for re-release.

Carly was earlier stereotyped as being ‘queen’ of bubblegum pop. However, she has done a lot of work and tried new sound this year to ensure that she sounds different. Still, her latest LP ‘EMOTION’ hasn’t produced great results. There are any major hits in the album. However, there are a few potential songs in there that could easily make it big. That’s the reason she is re-releasing the album.


Post Author: David Watt