Selena Gomez Releases A Remix of “Same Old Love” And It’s Unusually Beautiful

Selena Gomez didn’t had much to show for the remix package of “Good For You”. It was kind of lackluster and that’s definitely something all fans wanted to see improving with her new hit single “Same Old Love”. Believe it or not, the remix package for “Same Old Love” is nothing like we had one for her previous hit single.

Interscope has really done great work to bring together four of the hottest producers in the industry together to ensure Selena’s latest hit single gets the right kind of treatment. The rising dance music producer Romos, the Israeli hit-maker Borgore, Wuki, and Austrian wunderkind Filous have all come together to deliver a remix package like none before. As of now, the only version streaming online is remixed by the teenager Filous and it’s fantastic and beautiful. Filous has added a lot of new instruments, mostly played by the producer himself, and changed the dreamy soundscape to a more darker tone. The resulting remix sounds unusually beautiful. You can listen to the remix below. Be sure to leave your comments after the stream link.

Listen to Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” remixed by Filous

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz