Watch “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande – BTS Video (Part-2)

Ariana Grande released a behind the scenes video for her latest single “No Tears Left To Cry” a few days ago and every one loved the visuals. Probably, some fans asked for more BTS visuals and that’s the reason Ari has given us Part-2 of her behind the scenes video for “NO Tears Left To Cry”. It’s here and you can watch it below.

Although part-1 of the BTS video was of a regular video length, the part-2 is much longer, keeping you hooked to your screen for nearly eight minutes. That’s a lot of BTS content and fans should be super happy with what Ari has given them with this track.

The official music video for “No Tears Left To Cry” came out a few days ago. It was directed by Dave Meyers. After the success of the official visuals, Ari decided to release BTS footage for this video as well. Maybe she was thinking of giving her new single a lift it needed so badly or maybe she just put so much work while shooting the video that she decided to show it to the fans. Whatever the reason, we love these BTS visuals and thank Ari for sharing with us. If you are wondering that’s it, you are wrong. Ari plans to give us even more so there will be a part 3 as well. Just keep your fingers crossed and keep coming back here as we will share any videos that Ari posts on her social media. Watch the part 2 below.

Watch BTS Footage for “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt