Single Review: “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has released her comeback single and it’s already getting a lot of attention. I didn’t review it earlier as I wanted to see how everyone responds to this BIG song. Now I feel like it’s the perfect time to review this first single from Ariana’s new era.

The track “No Tears Left To Cry” is the first serving from Ariana’s 2018 album. It’s produced by Max Martin and Ari premiered the song at midnight on Thursday night. A lot of us waited for the release but others went to sleep and listened to the track on the morning of Friday. No matter when someone listened to this song, it definitely grabbed their attention with its ethereal production. It’s a heartbreak song that goes beyond the ‘broken’ heart. Most of this song is actually about picking yourself up and going again about life.

When your heart is broken, you feel like everything has finished. You think there is nothing more in your life. But Ari wants to give you a different message. She wants you to move on. Gain some power and pick yourself up. That’s the message of this song that Ariana has delivered in her so-awesome vocals.

Ariana Grande also released the music video for the track. And, it’s no ordinary visual. It is one of the best music videos that you will see this entire year. It’s original and you’d love everything about it. The cinematography is also amazing. When you watch this music video, you are going to be totally mind-blowing. It’s that good.

Now going back to the song, I like it. However, I’m somewhat disappointed with this being the lead single from Ari’s 2018 album. It’s not the best song you’d hear from her and it doesn’t give you the feel that it’s the best Ari song. Still, I’m happy to allow it some time. Give it a try below and see if you like what you hear from Ariana Grande.

Watch Music Video “No Tears Left To Cry” by Ariana Grande

She also performed “No Tears Left To Cry” at Coachella. You can watch the fan video below.

Post Author: David Watt