Vance Joy releases two new songs on iTunes

The Aussie singer-songwriter has released two songs on iTunes recently. The first song is titled “Fire and the Flood” while the second one is titled “Straight into your Arms”. The second song will appear in Vance Joy’s release of his debut album “Dream Your Life Away”. He originally released his debut album last year.

Vance Joy, who seemed to have shifted to a pure indie folk genre, hasn’t made the switch as such. His song “Fire and the Flood” is indie folk but the second song “Straight into your Arms” is more than indie folk song. It may have the indie folk elements but there are other genre elements in there as well. The track may sound like Coldplay’s “Magic” so there can’t be all alternative rock. Nevertheless, Vance Joy seems to have made the right choice in terms of genre as these new releases seem to suit Vance Joy’s vocals nearly perfectly.

Whether you like “Fire and the Flood” or you find yourself falling in love with “Straight into your Arms”, you would want to keep an eye on Vance Joy’s re-release of debut album. This album is going to include some of the best music that we can probably hear from Vance Joy and within this genre. His angelic vocals are perfect for his music.


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz