Watch Shania Twain’s Comeback Music Video “Life’s About To Get Good”

Shania Twain has premiered the official music video for his new song “Life’s About To Get Good”. The music video came out today but it feels like Miss Twain shot it back in her old days. It will give you nostalgia and you will remember every music video that you ever saw from Twain.

The song “Life’s About To Get Good” is from Shania Twain’s upcoming new album. This song will serve as the lead single. The album, that’s going to come out on September 29th, will be fifth studio album released by the country queen. Since it’s her comeback album, fans are really excited about it. After all, it made them wait for 15 years before they could hear anything new from Shania.

Shani Twain uploaded the music video on VEVO. In the video, you will see Shania enjoying a holiday on a beach. The holiday becomes even more special as Shania has a fleet of butlers at her disposal. They are ready to do anything the country queen wishes, from chores to pampering the queen. They are here 24/7, to serve the queen while she is enjoying her time off from everyday life.

You will also have some amazing nostalgic moments in the music video as well. For example, in one scene, Shania puts on her trademark iconic dress from “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video. Similarly, there are other moments that will take you 15 years back when Shania’s music videos were a hit.

Watch “Life’s About To Get Good” Music Video by Shania Twain


Post Author: David Watt