Ariana Grande Previews Her Single “Dangerous Woman”

Ariana Grande has recently talked a lot about her upcoming album on Twitcam. The fans were excited but they didn’t expect Ari to come out with a preview of her new single the next day.

The preview of Ariana Grande’s new song “Dangerous Woman” appeared online and made a lot of buzz within hours of being available. This new single will be the lead single from Ari’s upcoming studio album with the same name. But that’s not it. She didn’t just preview her single but also launched a new website with the same name. This website will be exclusively used to promote Ari’s upcoming album. She uploaded the snippet of her new single on this website. If you want to visit the website, go to

From the snippet that Ari put up online, it is clear that this new single sounds great and has a lot of ‘soul’ in it. Since ‘soul’ music fits Ariana’s vocals perfectly, she has probably made the right choice. However, everyone expects her to produce this track into a modern song. Listen to the snippet below.

Post Author: David Watt