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Listen to snippets of “Into You” by Ariana Grande [Upcoming New Single]

Ariana Grande has given her fans a snippet of her upcoming song “Into You”. In fact, it wasn’t probably her who made these snippets for the fans but it looks as if someone stole them from somewhere and leaked them online. But nevertheless, the snippets are here and you can see why everyone is so excited. It sounds like a great song.

The track “Into You” is from Ariana’s upcoming studio album titled “Dangerous Woman”. It will be next countdown single from this album. There is news that this song will be released on iTunes coming Friday. If you like what you hear in the snippet, you can buy the song soon.

The snippets that we’ve heard so far are amazing. To be honest, this track is going to be nothing less than a smash hit. Many fans have already expressed their love for the song after hearing the snippets. I’m sure you’re also going to love what you hear. Don’t forget, this will sound a lot bigger with grooves and synths that Ariana will put in during production.

Time to listen to snippets that have leaked so far. I won’t keep you waiting. Just hit play below.

Listen to snippets of “Into You” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt